Saturday, February 23, 2013

Burlap Wreath Madness

I recently had a request from a cousin (Lulu) to make a burlap wreath for her home.  She sent a picture to me and this is  the DIY that my Mother and I came up with.  These are the supplies that I used.  You can use finished burlap instead.

about 9 yds of 12 in unfinished burlap
18 in straw wreath form
1 pack of wire pins (Hobby Lobby floral section)
ribbon (if needed for bow)
wooden letter (If you want one) 

Start off pinning the end of your burlap to the wreath as seen below.  Wrap  the burlap diagonally.  It will pull tighter easier.

See what I mean by diagonally??  Wrap, wrap, wrap.  You'll use about 2 1/2 yards to wrap the wreath.  It will be easier to cut the length and then wrap.

When you get to the end, use 3 more wire pins to secure the burlap.  I wrapped the end under and pinned over the fold.  Be sure that you pin it to the back.  The back of the wreath form will be flatter than the front.

Now you can start on your ruffles.  Gather the end of your burlap.  Using 2 of the floral pins, pin the burlap that you've gathered to the wreath.

Measure out about 8 inches of the burlap and gather and pin that to the wreath.

Gather, pin, gather, pin...You get the picture.  Gather and pin all the way around the wreath.  Try to make sure that your ruffles are as uniform as can be.  You don't want a lopsided wreath.

After you've made it all the way around the wreath once, move to the outer layer of ruffles.  Gather, pin, gather, pin...making sure to get your outer ruffles in between the inner ruffles.

Gather and pin all the way around the outer layer.  After you place the last pins in the last ruffle, you can cut the burlap and try to tuck/hid the end under the other ruffles.

After you get the ruffles where you like them, add any embellishments that you like.  Here's one with a bow.

I added a painted letter to the next one.

The last one I finished, I added 3 painted crosses and some artificial green flowers.

This wreath is a great blank canvas that you can use all year long for just about any holiday or season!

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