Friday, February 1, 2013

I Love You Because...

This is the start of a new blog for me.  Crafts, Cooking, and ...well anything that I can come up with.

This is one of the first projects I tackled.  A cute picture frame that you can use as a lovey dovey writing board that I found on Pinterest

I started off rummaging through our boxes of frames and found this, not so good looking, picture frame that desperately needed a makeover.

Notice my handy dandy screwdriver.  Love that thing.

I took the picture out and painted the frame black. You may need to paint a few coats to cover the frame.  I had to paint over the roping a few times to make sure there was no brown showing.  I love the rope around the frame.  It gave it a little extra something.    

I think the black looks so much better.

 I took a piece of scrapbook paper that reminded me of mine and my husbands wedding.  Then simply cut the paper to fit the frame.  I used my borrowed Cricut to cut out "I love you because" from black cardstock and glued it to the paper.  You can also use colored vinyl for your words.

I drew a line below the words and added a few embellishments to make it even cuter.  Be sure to measure to make sure the line is straight.

After all the pieces of your project are dry, you can reinsert the glass.  Make sure you clean the glass well before you replace it.  You don't want to have any streaks and spots showing.  

Place the paper in the frame with the words and embellishments facing outward.  You may want to place a piece of cardboard or cardstock behind your paper to provide a little extra padding in the back of your frame.

Sorry.  My dry erase marker wasn't working very well at the time but, you get the drift.  I have since hung it on the wall and my hubby and I have exchanged a few lines.  Yes, he wrote on it, too!  I love doing things like this that everyone can enjoy.  Until next time.

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