Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lights, Lights, and More Lights

I've been making these fluffy light strands.  I absolutely love the way they make my mantle look.  Especially in the Spring and Summer.  It just kind of brightens things up.  I made this particular one as a decoration for a wedding shower that my husband and I threw for his cousin.  I just love it!

I've listed the supplies you'll need to complete a strand of lights.  You can get all of this at Hobby Lobby except the cardboard.

3 spools of tulle (25 yds/spool)
1 strand of lights (35 count)
A piece of cardboard 7 in long

You can use any color of tulle.  I just used these for Mardi Gras.  Please be aware, in order to complete these, it may take a few hours.  If you don't need it as full as mine, you don't have to have as much tulle.  Just spread it out.  

To begin, you'll need to cut all of your tulle.  Wrap your tulle around the long ends of your cardboard.  You don't need to wrap the whole roll at once.  You can repeat this step 2 or 3 times per roll.  After you've wrapped your desired amount around the cardboard, place a rubber band around the tulle and cardboard.  This will hold your tulle in place while you cut.  Now, make your cut at either end.  After you cut at both ends, you will have 7 in strips of tulle.  Continue until you have cut all of your tulle.

Now you're ready to start tying.  I start at the end without the plug.  I bought the 35 light strand that only has a plug at one end.  Separate the wires and tie your first piece of tulle between the wires at the very end.  This is the only one that you will tie between the wires.  This piece kind of holds the rest of the ties on the strand.  The rest of the ties will go around both wires.

 Continue tying your tulle all the way down the strand.  Try to make sure that you tie them evenly so that you don't have any long pieces sticking out.

I tie them all the way down until I get to the last light.   Like I said before, it takes a while.  I used the time to watch a movie or catch up on "Once Upon a Time".  Love that show!  Anyway, here's what your finished strand should look like.  Except that you may have some different colors.

If this is a project that seems a little too tedious and time consuming, I sell these on my etsy shop.  Happy tying!

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