Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gardening Take 2

Yesterday morning was beautiful.  After Alex and I got up, we went to Lowe's.  They were putting out some of the most beautiful plants.  When this type of weather hits and the stores are putting out their spring items, I get giddy.  You know, that type of feeling when a long lost love/family member returns home.  I can't seem to stop myself from spending a small fortune.  We bought, plant, seeds, bulbs, and supplies.  Of course I had to buy Alex a little something too.  He loves helping me.  I got him a child size yellow rake and red shovel.  He also got a new pair of Mickey Mouse gardening gloves.  Oh, and a strawberry plant.  See what I mean about not being able to stop myself?

After we got home and ate some lunch, it was time to tackle boxwoods.  I mean at one point, I actually tackled a boxwood.  My husband asked if I could move my raised garden bed to the other side of the house. 

 I didn't see why not.  I just needed to move a few other things in order to fit my plants.  That meant moving two boxwoods in order to take advantage of the sun on that side of the house. 

 I don't have a lot of space to plant and I don't really care for the boxwoods so, at least two had to go.  When you want to transplant any shrub, you want to be careful not to destroy too many roots.  Use your shovel and cut a very wide area in the dirt around the shrub.  Then, using your shovel, you keep levering the shrub up.  After going around a few times, you should be able to get it up and move it wherever you want.  When digging a hole for your transplanted shrub, you want to dig a hole that is about twice the size of the root ball.  He sure that you don't completely bury the roots all the way up to the main trunk.  Roots need oxygen too.  Leave the root ball about an inch above the ground.  Fill in the whole and water your shrub.  Then you want to add about 1-2 inches of mulch.  That will help hold in water and still allow oxygen to get to the roots.

Now, if you're like me, you just don't have the space for the boxwoods anywhere else.  So, I just went to town on those bushes.  Then I realized that my mom might want them for her yard.  I thought about that after I ripped up the first one.  I hope she can salvage it.

While I was wrestling with the shrubs, my son asked my hubby to play  outside.  When Brian asked what he wanted to play, Alex said "I want to play catch or sumfing". I just love how he talks.  So, Brian started teaching Alex how to pitch.  I have to admit, for a four year old, he was pretty good.  They decided to go to the local baseball field and hit the ball some.  

I managed to get the second boxwood up without too much damage.  The second bush was the one I tackled or some may say I pushed it over and I fell over with it.  That did not feel good.

After all that, I tried to finish raking the rest of the yard.   Alex helped me for a little while.

 I was able to get most of it done before I gave up.  I wanted to work on some thing different.  When we were at Lowe's, we bought two pots that had 6 ranunculus plants in each one.  

The colors were so vibrant.  When you buy a potted garden, be sure to check the roots when you get home.  Many times the plants have been in the pot for so long that they become root bound.  That's when the roots have taken over the pot and there are so many that the plants don't get enough nutrients.  Both of these were like that.  So, I separated the plants and put them in a bigger pot...

And some in my flower bed.

When you separate plants, be careful and gentle.  Again, you don't want to hurt anymore roots than you have to.  I also put some bulbs in a pot with rich soil.  This way I can see how the plants do and can plant them in the ground when they are more mature.  Of course I will keep you posted on how everything fairs.

What are you putting in your garden?

Update:  The flowers in the above picture make a very cute arrangement.  I hate that I didn't have them last year for a wedding shower my husband and I had here.


  1. Tell that kid he needs to get himself down here to "play catch or sumfing"!

  2. LOL. He'll be down in a couple of weeks.