Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ramblings of an Exhausted Mother

For those of you that look forward to my posts, I apologize.  I haven't written anything in a while.  So, today's post is sort of a catch up/follow up to previous posts and something to possibly look forward to.

Today I received something in the mail that makes my a little giddy.

This momma got her Spring magazines.  YAY!!!  I love Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living.  There are so many good ideas, recipes, and gardening tips in these two.  I mean loaded.  I have found several that I want to try and let you know how it went/tasted.  When I opened up my BHG, I found several coupons inside.  Love it!!

So far my flowers have survived the bitter cold nights we've had here lately.  My tulips and daffodils seem to be thriving.  Even though it's been cold, I still find a new flower making it's way up through the clay that I have in my yard.  Every year, I work a little more rich soil into the hard clay so that next year it will be easier to dig into and better for my perennials when they come back.

As far as the diet and exercise goes...not so well.  I've had a rough couple of weeks.  I've only lost 3 lbs and I can't seem to keep my hands out of the cheez its.  It doesn't help when my son comes home with goodies like these either. 

This week I've done a lot better with the diet.  I've been able to stay away from the french fries and bread.  I really need to kick it into high gear.  We have a Disney trip planned for a week in October.  This is one Momma that will be in shape and ready to party with my guys and the in-laws.  I'm counting down the days.  211 to be exact.

I'm also working on setting up a schedule of future posts.  The next couple of weeks will be hit or miss until I get everything set up.  Alex and I will be going to my hometown for a few days after Easter to spend time with all my girls.  We're going to spend a day or two at my Grandma's house cooking with her and going through all of her recipes.  I plan on having several posts to share some of her goodies like banana pudding and red velvet cake.  Needless to say, keeping off a pound or two that week will be a challenge.

Do you have any big plans for this year?

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