Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Plaque

I came up with this while talking to my Mother-In-Law last weekend.  My son has these little things that he says to my Mother and my Mother-In-Law.  I thought it was so cute.  He tells my Mother "I love you to the moon and back" and to my Mother-In-Law "I love you to Jupiter".  I've heard my niece say the moon one as well.  It's from a little story book about a little rabbit and it's Daddy.  Anyway, I thought it would be cute on plaques for my Mother and my Mother-In-Law for Mother's Day from my son.  Grandma's get presents on Mother's Day, too.

All my materials came from Hobby Lobby.  You'll need:
Wooden Plaque (about the same size a piece of paper)
Spray Paint
Acrylic Paint in assorted colors
Suede String (found these in the Jewelry Craft Dept.)
Small Paint Brush
The hand of a little man (or little girl)
Forgive me.  I didn't take pictures of every step.

Drill two holes at the top for you to tie your suede string through. Spray paint the front of your plaque.  I used a soft off white for mine.  You can use any color you like.  If you want, you can paint the back too.  Let them dry completely.  
When it is dry, you need to figure out what you want on them.  I placed a piece of paper on top of the plaque so I could draw/write on it to see how it would fit.  Of course, what I drew was not quite the same as what I painted.  You can use a quote, saying, paint a picture...just about anything.  I used something that my son says to his grandmas.  My paint ended up being a little light but, I think it looks good.

After you've painted your quote, you can tie the strings on while it's drying.  Cut your string to the desired length.  Keep in mid where it might hang.  String it through the holes.

Then tie a knot at each end.  This will keep your string attached to the plaque.

While you are working, you may need to find something for little hands to do.  My son was having a fit to paint "sumfing".  I had bought him this cross several weeks ago and thought this would be the perfect time for him to paint it.  It kept him busy while I painted the quotes but also allowed us to spend some time together.

Here's the part that I didn't take pictures for.  Squirt some paint onto a plate or, like I did, squirt it on the newspaper.  Spread it out a little to make sure that is covers the space the size of your little one's hand.  You could also just use a paint brush and slather some paint on their hand.  Either way, make sure that their hand/palm is totally covered in paint.  Then gently press their hand ,paint side down, onto your plaque.  I let my little man paint his name next to his hand print, with a little help.  I also wrote the year under his name.

So cute!!  Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

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