Friday, July 19, 2013

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

For a little over a week, I had a very bad headache and found out that I had a migraine.  The only time that I was in as much pain was when I was in labor with my precious little man.  The whole week I was in pain, my wonderful hubby took over all of my roles at the house.  When he got off work, he would pick up our son, fix or pick up dinner, and put our little man to bed.  I couldn't think of a better way to say thank you than to make a dessert for him.  He loves Ice cream and chocolate.  What better dessert than an ice cream sandwich cake.  Chocolate and ice cream all mixed into one yummy dessert.

You'll need:

12 pack of Ice Cream Sandwiches
1 regular tub of Whipped Cream

In an 8x8 pan, place aluminum foil all around and over the edges.  This makes it very easy to clean up.  Place a layer of ice cream sandwiches on the bottom.  You can cut one or two sandwiches in half to fill in the gaps.

Next, use about half of your whipped cream and smooth over your ice cream sandwiches.  Place another layer of ice cream sandwiches over the whipped cream.  

Use the rest of your whipped cream to layer over the top.

Place your pan in the freezer for a few minutes to make sure it sets before you cut into it.

If you want to get really fancy, you could add a layer of chocolate pudding in between the ice cream sandwiches.  I would have done that but, I was still recovering and my niece and I  kinda did this as a last minute thing.  Hope you enjoy!!

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