Sunday, August 11, 2013

Time Passing Too Quickly and Yet Not Quickly Enough

Fall is almost here.  My favorite season!!!  Around my house, we are counting down the days until we head out on a Disney Cruise.  70 Days... It will be a first for me and little monkey man.  We are all so excited!  Unfortunately, fall also kicks off 2 of the busiest seasons for us.  We usually have things planned for almost every weekend from the when school starts until right after Christmas.  We have birthdays, football games, holidays, fall festivals, more holidays, more birthdays, and did I mention more birthdays?  There are at least 8 birthdays between September and December (and that's just immediate family).  There are more than that when you include grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncle and all such nonsense.  Oh my goodness!  Breath!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather, the bright vivid colors, and that crisp certain smell that fall brings with it.  I kinda got a sense of it the other day.  We really haven't had a very hot summer here in South Kakalaki.  I'm thinking that we may have a very cool and maybe snowy winter coming.  Any predictions?

Well, as I was saying way up there at the top, with Fall, comes a lot of stuff.  One of those is a Fall Festival at Hopewell United Methodist Church in Simpsonville, SC.  I  will have more information on that in a future post.  I will be furiously working on some projects in the next few weeks and I hope to post some pics here, on facebook, and on Etsy when I've finished them.  Keep a sharp eye out. 

I'll also be keeping up with a countdown of sorts until we embark on our cruise in October.  I just found out that the Cruise Line will be hosting a Halloween Party with Trick-or-Treating and everything.  I know little monkey man will be so excited!   Sorry, I really didn't have any pictures for this one.I really can't wait.  Hope you all have a great week!