Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Greasy Rice

Well, I'm proud of myself.  I actually made rice.  Not just any rice. but, Greasy Rice.  Why am I proud?  I cannot cook rice.  For some strange reason, I have had this inability to cook plain old white rice.  Until this past weekend.  

My husband and I fixed an absolutely delicious roast in the crock pot Friday night.  We basically used my recipe for Roast Beef minus the golden mushroom soup.  I decided that on Saturday I would cook Greasy Rice.  I know it sounds gross but, it really is extremely tasty.  It is also a way to use the leftover gravy/drippings/stock to make part of a meal for another day.  Here we go.  

You'll need:

2 cups gravy/drippings (you can also use baked ham drippings)
1 cup rice
1/2 cup water 
salt to taste

Pour your leftover stock, water, and salt into a small sauce pot.  If you have any, you can also put some of the meat in as well.  You don't want to put much though.  That white stuff is some of the fat that cooked off of the meat.

Yes, this looks a little disgusting but, I promise you, good things will come.

Bring the stock and water to a boil.  When water is boiling, add your rice, reduce the heat, and put the lid on the pot.  Let it cook for about 20 minutes.

As soon as it's done, take it off the heat.  You don't want to scorch the bottom.  Above is what it will look like when it's done.  

Greasy Rice

Yes, this simple recipe is what I'm so proud of because the rice came out perfectly.  As I mentioned before, you can also use the drippings from a baked ham.  If you do this, make sure you use a Ham that is not precooked.  The drippings are better and tastier when you actually have to cook the ham.  Let me know what you think.

Oh.  By the way.  Happy New Year!!